The QuikTap Story: From the Hassle of the Jockey Box

Ever since the first time we tasted a true craft beer, starting a brewery has been a dream of ours. Ten years later, we finally got our chance. To build a reputation for quality, we decided to start out as a draft-only brewery. Without packaged beer, we had to build our brand by lugging kegs and jockey boxes around everywhere we went. And that’s where we found the inspiration for QuikTap.

If you’ve ever used a jockey box, you know the hassle. First, a jockey box is a large, cumbersome piece of equipment. On top of that, you need a Co2 tank, regulator, hoses, fittings, and tools to set everything up. It takes forever and creates a ton of foam setting up. Then when you’re all done, it’s a nightmare to clean.

We thought there had to be a better way to serve portable draft beer. When we couldn’t find anything easier that worked as well as a jockey box, we decided to make it ourselves.

With our knowledge of draft beer, we designed and built a prototype. It worked so well that other breweries were practically begging us to build more. And that’s when we decided to start this company. Brewing a great beer is hard enough. Fortunately, sharing that beer doesn’t have to be.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about the QuikTap story and the inspiration behind our lineup of industry leading products. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

QuikTap Benefits

  • Fresher Beer
  • Little Waste
  • Quick Setup & Cleaning

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