• Refillable aluminum CO2 cylinder for backup or replacement. Each cylinder can serve approximately 15 gallons at 5-8psi. Features: - Food Grade - 12 oz. capacity - Refillable - 3AL certified Note: Refillable CO2 tanks are shipped empty to comply with shipping safety protocols.
  • QuikTap Keg Cooler

    QuikTap's Keg Cooler is specifically built for Cornelius and 1/6th barrel or 20L plastic kegs, complete with extra insulation, 2 extra carrying straps and dual zipper access specifically designed for easy use with your QuikTap and Corny keg connections! QuikTap SS + QuikTap Keg Cooler = POURTABILITY RE[DE]FINED *Now available in 1/2 barrel size! Select size in drop down menu.
  • Pack everything you need into this convenient carrying case featuring customizable foam inserts. Easily fits one QuikTap, spare C02 cylinders, tap handle, tools, and more.

    • 42.5"X12.5"X5" Interior Dimensions
    • Watertight seal with pressure relief
    • Secure lock-downs

    *QuikTap and accessories sold separately

  • Easily connect your QuikTap to bulk Co2 with this attachment. Comes with a coiled 15 foot hose, quick disconnects, and adapter piece to connect to QuikTap regulator. (Regulator and cylinder not included)

  • Easily connect your QuikTaps to bulk Co2 with this attachment. Comes with two 15 foot coiled hoses, shut-off valves, quick disconnects, and adapter pieces to connect to QuikTap regulator. (Regulator and cylinder not included)

  • NEW aluminum 5lb CO2 cylinder with CGA320 valve is a versatile cylinder which is large enough in capacity for multiple uses yet light and very portable. Perfect for events and festivals that you will be pouring multiple kegs.

    • Carbon Dioxide Compressed Gas Cylinder with CGA320 Standard CO2 Valve
    • High-Strength, Thick-Wall Aluminum Body
    • DOT- and TC- Approved
    • 1800 PSI Service Pressure, 3000 PSI Test Pressure
    • 17.75″ Height (with valve), 5.3″ Diameter
  • Complete cleaning kit with 4" metal pump, 1 liter bottle, brush, faucet wrench and D style  American Sanke adapter.


    Refill your own cylinders with this easy to use fill station. Connect to your bulk source of Food Grade CO2 with a dip tube. Comes with a digital scale to measure CO2 level. For a how-to video with detailed instructions for refilling your tanks click this link to youtube. For paper instructions, please refer to this C02 Refill Station Manual.
  • CO2 o-rings (10 pack)

    • Replaces broken and cracked o-rings.
    • Repairs cylinder to regulator leaks.
    • Easy to install
  • A food grade polyethylene washer seals the connection between the tap rod and coupler to avoid leaks. It is recommended to replace these washers regularly to avoid leaks. Use a food grade lubricant to help avoid drying out and pinching.

  • Beer, CO2, Primary, Tank Mount, Low Pressure, High Flow